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Quantum tech 2022: A stampede of unicorns headed for your industry

By IQT News posted 01 Feb 2022

(Forbes) The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) is developing its Quantum Strategic Industry Roadmap, which nets out the promises of quantum computing, quantum communications, quantum sensing, and enabling technologies, spotlighting which industries could benefit most. IQT-News summarizes here by Susan Galer, Communications Director of SAP Global Communications.
“Industries are central to our number one objective to establish a thriving commercial quantum ecosystem,” said Laure Le Bars, research project director at SAP. Le Bars, who is also president of QuIC, said that the association will share the Strategic Industry Roadmap with the European Commission, which is developing quantum tech policies and plans within the Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes.
QuIC’s ecosystem is a healthy resource for a VC group like Quantonation, a firm dedicated to investing in quantum-related startups. Many of Quantonation’s portfolio companies are already members.
“We’re looking at how to help startups with increased funding for research and in other ways like education and training,” said Christophe Jurczak, founder and managing partner at Quantonation.
Industry road mapping helps investors realistically assess the maturity of these technologies, along with the dynamics between participants, including established and new vendors, researchers, and government policymakers. Especially for a VC firm, timing is everything.
Publicly-funded, high-performance computing (HPC) centres could be among the initial routes to quantum computing uptake. A report co-sponsored by IQM, a Finland-based quantum computer company, found that 27% of HPC centres worldwide were experimenting with quantum computing, and predicted 76% will use it by 2023.
Tanya Suarez, CEO of BluSpecs, a European-based management consultancy focused on technology adoption, joined the QuIC governing board to be at the forefront of technology ecosystems impacting future industries.
“Quantum promises better solutions more quickly to seemingly intractable problems like climate change or sudden emergencies requiring immediate action such as pharmaceutical developments to combat COVID-19,” said Suarez. “
While some quantum technologies, like computing, aren’t fully imminent, organizations cannot ignore them, even if immediate business demands are urgent.

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