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Quantum Sensors Could Revolutionize Navigation on Autonomous Vehicles

By IQT News posted 01 Feb 2019

(EurekaAlert) Quantum sensors being developed at the University of Queensland could revolutionize navigation and communications in unmanned and autonomous vehicles. The research is part of the newly created Australia-wide Quantum Technologies Research Network, set up under the Next Generation Technologies Fund. University of Queensland researchers are working with the Australian Defence Force (ADF), NASA, Orica Ltd and Brisbane’s Skyborne Technologies to develop the next-generation sensors as part of a $6.6 million Australian initiative to develop quantum technologies for use in defense applications.
UQ scientist Professor Warwick Bowen said the research could position Australia as a world-leader in ultraprecise sensors for unmanned and autonomous vehicles. “Quantum sensors allow greatly improved performance and could transform navigation and positioning capabilities for unmanned vehicles. And they’ll be built from both nanoengineered mechanical devices fabricated on a silicon chip, and atomic gases cooled until they behave as matter waves.”

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