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Quantum Sensing for Military Will Provide Highly Accurate Positioning Data

By IQT News posted 12 Mar 2019

(Army-Technology.com) Quantum sensing promises to revolutionize several areas for the military, from providing highly accurate positioning data to detecting submarines in the world’s oceans.
Quantum sensors can directly measure acceleration or rotation, which can be used to determine position in places where GPS is denied – but as yet these are still research efforts. “The ultimate quantum sensor will exploit a property of quantum mechanics called ‘entanglement,’ where many particles or photons are correlated in such a way that the signal-to-noise of the sensor is greatly enhanced,” said Paul Kunz, a scientist at the US Army Research Laboratory. “This unique property will also ultimately lead to capabilities that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.”
While predicting the future is notoriously risky, according to Kunz, and each individual sensor or technology will have vastly different development timescales, we are already beginning to see how quantum technologies could provide dramatic results that could ultimately improve the soldier’s equipment. “The pace of scientific advancement in quantum computing is accelerating, and will continue to do so,” Kunz concludes.

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