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Quantum Satellite Communication on the Rise in Indo-Pacific

By IQT News posted 26 Sep 2019

(TheDiplomat) Quantum Satellite Communication on the Rise in the Indo-Pacific with many Indo-Pacific nations joining the race to develop quantum-related technologies.
Quantum communication through satellite transmission is, in simple terms, the mixture of two distinct technological realms: quantum mechanics-based communication and satellite communication (SATCOM). Given the increasing demand for secure communication in general, this technology is considered one of the most promising solutions for the future.
Western nations certainly have a proven research and development (R&D) history in this field, but the related efforts of Indo-Pacific nations are not negligible. China raised the profile of this field after it became the first nation to establish a quantum network between Earth’s surface and its satellite and teleport a photon with its Micius satellite–-connecting two research facilities in China and Austria.
Singapore is another Indo-Pacific frontrunner in satellite-based quantum communication.
Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), the nation’s primary R&D agency in the field of information and communications, successfully conducted a space-to-ground quantum communication demonstration with a microsatellite in summer 2017.
India has also expressed passion for related research. India’s two research agencies funded by the national government, the Raman Research Institute in Bengaluru and the India Space Research Organization, signed a memorandum of understanding in late 2017 to build a quantum communication network through satellite. NOTE: Click here for details on  IQT India scheduled for February 19-21, 2020.

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