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Quantum-Resistant QAN IEO Has Officially Launched on Bitbay Exchange

By IQT News posted 11 Feb 2020

(CryptoNewsz) QAN, an Estonia-based crypto project that proclaims to be the world’s first quantum-resistant blockchain, has gone live on BitBay.
In the face of Google’s so-called “quantum supremacy,” the QAN platform styles itself as a novel solution, its signatures and hashes safeguarded by lattice-based post-quantum cryptography. The newly-developed Proof of Randomness (PoR) mechanism is based on the principles of Algorand’s consensus algorithm but benefits from a higher degree of scalability. As outlined in the recently updated QAN technical whitepaper, “On the PoR-based QANplatform, attackers need to purchase a non-refundable license to participate in block validation. Should the attacker fail, this amount will be lost, which makes an attack a lot less appealing.”
“QANplatform was designed from the ground up to battle all barriers currently holding back mass adoption of blockchain,” says Polecsak. “Top-notch security, high TPS, low energy consumption and ability to code in language programmers already know. Enterprises will be finally able to integrate this technology without financial or HR overhead, and this is how blockchain will reach the general public.”

BitBay Exchange Introduces IEO Launchpad; Lists Quantum-Resistant QAN

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