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Alphabet’s ‘X Quantum’ Team Not a Moonshot Project Says X

By IQT News posted 11 Feb 2020

(9to5Google) Alphabet looks to have another team working on quantum computing in addition to Google.
Wired recently detailed a quantum computing group that’s working “adjacent to” the experimental X division and is focusing on software tools that will allow today’s developers to take advantage of quantum breakthroughs. See Note below for original Wired article summary.
X has clarified the initial Wired article and explained that it does not have a moonshot project working on quantum. Rather, Hidary’s effort is separate and working adjacent to teams at X and across Alphabet.
There is some mystery around this group that job listings refer to as “X Quantum.” X appears to not be ready to talk about this team, while saying last week that it’s not affiliated with the Moonshot Factory. That said, the head of Google AI Quantum last year confirmed a “small team” within X, and how they’re in “close touch to make sure this stays nicely complementary.”

NOTE: Alphabet’s Second Secretive Quantum Computing Team Working on Algorithms & Applications


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