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Quantum Physicist Anastasia Marchenkova Looks at Impact of Quantum Computers on Crypto

By IQT News posted 24 Aug 2020

(DailyHodl) Quantum physicist Anastasia Marchenkova discussed the real-world impact of quantum computers on cryptography and cryptocurrency in a a recent YouTube video.
“. there are other encryption algorithms that are not affected by quantum computers and we have to discover them and then actually implement them and put them into action before a large enough quantum computer actually emerges. .. . [Quantum computing] harnesses quantum properties to actually factor numbers a lot faster, and that’s the whole core of the security behind RSA encryption. The consequences of this is that our data is not going to be secure anymore if we get a big enough quantum computer. So we’re going to have to do something about it.”
Marchenkova doesn’t think crypto holders must find a way to move their Bitcoin to a quantum secure wallet immediately. But she does believe anyone holding crypto should be concerned and keep tabs on the latest developments because blockchains will one day need to be upgraded to protect against the rise of quantum computing.

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