The miniMOT V2 includes a compact UHV system suitable for MOT production from a background vapor, active and passive pumps to maintain vacuum quality over several years of operation, integrated electronics for vacuum control, alkali atom pressure control, and to drive the miniMOT Coils and a touchscreen interface for seamless user control of system operation. It also includes a thin-walled cell, but optimized AR-coated UHV glass cells are also available as a standard feature. Shipped under vacuum, the miniMOT V2 is ready for immediate use.
Infleqtion has collaborated with undergraduate educators to develop experiments that can be integrated into traditional physics curricula. As atomic physicists, they understand the importance of incorporating physical experimentation based on quantum physics into physics education. This is crucial as quantum technologies, such as quantum information processing, Positioning, Navigation and Time-keeping (PNT), gravimetry, and magnetometry, have become increasingly important for industry and governments around the world. To take advantage of the opportunities that the quantum world will offer, it is critical to develop a workforce with the necessary skill sets.