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Quantum News Briefs: February 16, 2024: Infleqtion Partners with Lastek Pty Ltd to distribute its Quantum Cores products for the quantum research and commercial instrument markets in Australia and New Zealand; Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Lawmakers propose bill for $74M to fund the state’s quantum effort; “Quantum Phenomenon Explains Tiny Molecule’s Huge Impact on Global Warming”; and MORE!

IQT News — Quantum News Briefs
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 16 Feb 2024

Quantum News Briefs: February 16, 2024: 

Infleqtion Partners with Lastek Pty Ltd to distribute its Quantum Cores products for the quantum research and commercial instrument markets in Australia and New Zealand

Infleqtion, World View team to target quantum sensing's stratospheric ...

Infleqtion has announced a strategic partnership with Lastek Pty Ltd to distribute its Quantum Cores products, including the award-winning miniMOTV2, in Australia and New Zealand, aiming to enhance the quantum research, education, and commercial instrument markets. This collaboration follows Infleqtion’s successful deployment of miniMOTV2 at two prestigious universities in 2023, highlighting a commitment to advancing cold atom research and development across the region. Neil Anderson, Ph.D., VP of Quantum Cores at Infleqtion, expressed excitement over the partnership’s potential to make cutting-edge quantum technologies widely accessible. Similarly, Alex Stanco, Director of Lastek, emphasized the alignment of Infleqtion’s Quantum Cores with Lastek’s goal to enrich its quantum product offerings, supporting the local quantum research and training ecosystem’s growth and innovation.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Lawmakers propose bill for $74M to fund the state’s quantum effort

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Colorado is poised to significantly bolster its local quantum industry with a proposed bipartisan bill that seeks to allocate $74 million toward the state’s quantum initiatives. Governor Polis and lawmakers are behind this ambitious effort, aiming to introduce the bill to the legislature on Friday, Feb. 16. If passed, the funding will support the continued growth and scaling of Colorado’s quantum industry, reflecting the state’s commitment to becoming a leader in the rapidly advancing field of quantum technology. This legislative move underscores the importance of quantum research and development as a key driver of technological innovation and economic growth.

In Other News: Science Alerts article: “Quantum Phenomenon Explains Tiny Molecule’s Huge Impact on Global Warming”

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In 1856, Eunice Foote’s groundbreaking experiment uncovered the heat-absorbing properties of carbon dioxide (CO2), laying the groundwork for our understanding of global warming, highlights a recent ScienceAlerts article. Over 160 years later, scientists, including Harvard University’s Robin Wordsworth, have delved deeper into why CO2 is so effective at trapping heat, attributing it to the molecule’s vibrational responses to infrared radiation from the Sun. This phenomenon, known as Fermi resonance, results from the unique vibrational patterns of CO2 molecules, enhancing their ability to absorb a broader range of radiation. Recent studies estimate that this resonance accounts for about half of CO2’s total warming effect. Wordsworth’s team has furthered this understanding by merging molecular spectroscopy with climate physics, offering new insights into the physics of global warming and potentially aiding the estimation of warming potentials on other planets. This research, while still awaiting peer review, highlights the critical role of CO2’s quantum properties in Earth’s climate system and has been accepted for publication in The Planetary Science Journal, emphasizing the profound impact of seemingly minor quantum variances on our planet’s climate history and future.

In Other News: Forbes article: “How Businesses Can Lead The Charge In Quantum Computing”

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A new Forbes article highlights that quantum computing, emerging as the next evolution in computing technology, promises to revolutionize industries by solving complex problems instantaneously, such as drug modeling through chemical simulations. With less than 200 quantum computers globally, notable advancements include the UK government’s acquisition of a quantum computer and the US’s dedication of $293 million to quantum information sciences (QIS) in its 2022 budget. This technology’s integration into mainstream business practices is crucial for leveraging its full potential. Leaders are encouraged to foster a culture of learning and adaptability within their organizations to prepare for quantum computing’s impact. This involves continuous education through workshops, online courses, and partnerships with academic institutions specializing in quantum research. Furthermore, promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration and adaptability, alongside developing quantum-safe security measures, are key strategies for businesses aiming to stay competitive in this new era. As quantum computing continues to develop, its ability to enhance data encryption, accelerate medication creation, refine AI, and tackle global warming presents a significant opportunity for early adopters to gain a competitive edge.

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