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Quantum News Briefs: December 2, 2023: Council of Canadian Academies’ New Report Speaks on Responsible Adoption of Quantum Technology; QSimulate closes a $2.5 million financing round

Quantum News Briefs looks at news in the quantum industry.
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 02 Dec 2023

Quantum News Briefs: December 2, 2023: 

Council of Canadian Academies’ New Report Speaks on Responsible Adoption of Quantum Technology 

The future of autonomous vehicles in Canada will be shaped by today's ...

The “Quantum Potential” report by the Council of Canadian Academies outlines Canada’s strategy for adopting quantum technologies responsibly. It emphasizes the importance of these technologies in Canada’s future, particularly in national security and economic sectors. The report, led by Raymond Laflamme, highlights the need for careful policy development to navigate quantum computing, sensing, and communications challenges and opportunities. It addresses potential risks, including misuse and ethical concerns, and suggests stimulating demand through government procurement and policies to foster a quantum-ready workforce. The report also reviews Canada’s National Quantum Strategy, stressing the importance of considering ethical, legal, social, and policy issues for responsible adoption in both public and private sectors.

“A century of quantum physics research propelled a technological revolution that now supports the foundations of modern society,” said Raymond Laflamme, chair of the Expert Panel on the Responsible Adoption of Quantum Technologies. “As quantum technologies emerge, it’s essential to think carefully about how policy should shape their adoption by end users — and how Canada might best navigate the accompanying challenges and opportunities.”

QSimulate closes a $2.5 million financing round to boost businesses in Europe and Asia

QSimulate powers high-throughput quantum simulation for materials ...

Quantum Simulation Technologies, Inc. (QSimulate) has successfully raised $2.5 million in a financing round led by the quantum technology investment firm 2xN. This funding will bolster QSimulate’s business, especially its quantum physics-based drug-discovery platform, QSP Life, which includes innovations like QUELO, QuValent, and QuantumFP. QSimulate’s technology, leveraging quantum physics-based algorithms, has significantly advanced drug design by enabling the first quantitative application of quantum mechanics in this field. The company has also been instrumental in developing fault-tolerant quantum computing algorithms in partnership with Google Quantum AI, positioning itself at the forefront of the digital molecular discovery era. This investment is seen as a financial move and a step into a future rich with scientific and industrial breakthroughs in drug design and material science, underscored by QSimulate’s collaboration with industry leaders like JSR Corporation and Google Quantum AI.

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Quantum News Briefs looks at news in the quantum industry.