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Quantum Machines Develops Systems for Control & Operation of Quantum Processors

By IQT News posted 05 Oct 2020

(EETimes) Quantum Machines is offering a combination of classical hardware and software for the control and operation of quantum processors; the company calls it the Quantum Orchestration Platform. QOP has a software interface for programming.
Quantum computers could solve very complex tasks that are far beyond the capabilities of conventional supercomputers but, unfortunately, quantum states are extremely sensitive to interference from the external environment. Reducing this interference is one of two big challenges for quantum computing. The other is the construction of efficient and scalable hardware. Many complex error correction strategies have been devised to solve these problems.
“We always like the analogy of the quantum processor as a muscle, an extremely strong muscle that can perform extremely heavy lifting in terms of competitive power, but this power is useless alone and needs a brain to perform the tasks brilliantly. And that’s exactly what we have developed for quantum computers. We develop systems that make quantum processors work to realize their potential,” said Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO at Quantum Machines.
Much of the industry attention has been focused on actual quantum processors, but as these machines become more powerful, it is the classical part — the digital command conversion system for use in the analog world of quantum computing — that is becoming a bottleneck. Quantum Machines has built its own custom pulse system that can handle multi-qubit manipulation while being independent of the quantum processor with which it interacts.
Sivan said that the largest multinational corporations and research organizations working in quantum computing are collaborating with Quantum Machine to adopt its platform. Any company or institution developing quantum processors can now purchase the Quantum Orchestration Platform to run the most complex algorithms possible.
The fundamental software interface is its quantum assembler — QUA. Using QUA, QM’s pulse-level quantum computing programming language, QOP translates classical code into a quantum assembler language that can then be run on any quantum processor.

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