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Quantum Ethics and Quantum Policy: Ethicqual provides solutions via trainings, impact assessments, scenario planning, and policy research towards responsible quantum technology

By Ethicqual Corporate posted 28 Mar 2023

On the 15th of March 2023, Ethicqual was part of the closing panel of IQT The Hague event focused on “Policy Considerations” regarding quantum communications. The panel discussion highlighted the importance of raising awareness among companies and policymakers about quantum ethics concepts and their operationalization in order to facilitate the responsible development and deployment of quantum technologies. It was underlined by the panel that the lessons learned from the regulatory efforts on data governance, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies underscore the importance of strategic risk foresight via an anticipatory governance approach by policymakers and ethics by design practices by the technological community.

DEN HAAG -QuTech TU Delft. Inside Quantum Technology conference at Louwman Museum. – FOTO GUUS SCHOONEWILLE

While quantum is a nascent technology, it carries a disruptive potential, which calls for an approach informed by responsible innovation principles. In the last years, many actors have emphasized the importance of considering and assessing quantum technology’s potential impact. The Oxford University’s Responsible Technology Institute launched a new collaboration on responsible quantum computing, while the World Economic Forum and Sydney Quantum Academy released publications highlighting the importance of governance principles and ethics discussions.

As quantum technology has multiple possible applications in different sectors, it is important for policymakers and companies to appropriately map the potential opportunities and risks resulting from specific use cases. Given the complexity of the ethical, legal, and societal implications linked to the relevant use cases, it is of great importance to facilitate the dialogue between policymakers, industry, and a diversity of stakeholders. Ethicqual is one of the pioneering firms in assisting governments, companies and organizations towards achieving responsible quantum technology development and deployment. The company provides policy reports, scenario planning and foresight exercises based on use cases, ethical, legal and social risk consultancy and impact assessments. Ethicqual has a mission to contribute to the goal of innovating responsibly by offering advice and trainings to key stakeholders in the quantum space via tailor-made services. The company is dedicated to working together with policymakers and industry in order to help overcome information gaps and to develop strategies that foster alignment with emerging principles, best practices, codes of conduct, and governance frameworks that address the challenges and opportunities of quantum technologies. This engagement will contribute towards fostering an innovation-oriented environment while ensuring ethical design principles are adhered to.

The Director of Quantum & AI at Ethicqual, Dr. Elif Kiesow Cortez, states the importance of their work as follows: “Through our trainings, foresight and scenario planning exercises we help raise awareness about the opportunities and risks of quantum technology. Our aim is to assist governments, companies and organizations to realize the full potential of quantum technologies, while upholding an ongoing commitment to ethics by design and responsible innovation principles. We integrate these principles also in our impact assessments where we focus on sustainability and ethics, and we evaluate the intended policy strategy or technology deployment regarding their impact on humans, the environment, and society. We believe that relying on responsible innovation best practices early on presents an opportunity to steer the deployment of this technology toward desirable societal outcomes.”

Given the significant investments and reported advances in quantum technologies in recent years, it is paramount that policymakers develop a cohesive long-term strategy that spurs innovation and safeguards against undesirable impacts. As a member of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), Ethicqual’s services are dedicated to preparing and assisting stakeholders to effectively communicate with one another, laying the groundwork for them to collectively deliberate to develop and reach agreement on a common values framework towards responsible quantum technology. The ultimate goal is that via concerted efforts at many levels the creation of a trust-inspiring ecosystem is made possible, where alignment with ethical principles is integrated from the start.

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