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Quantum Dice Supplying Quantum Random Number Generators to Hardware Encryption Market

By IQT News posted 17 Apr 2020

(TechSpark) Quantum Dice is an award-winning Oxford University spin-out supplying quantum random number generators (QRNGs) to customers in the hardware encryption market. Quantum Dice is pioneering device-independent, self-certifying true random number generation. The unique DISCTM QRNG employs advanced silicon photonics technology to produce high-quality, certified randomness from an on-chip laser source. Formed by 6 Oxford graduates in July 2019, Quantum Dice is based at Oxford University Innovation and has since expanded to the world-leading Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre at the University of Bristol.
Quantum Dice’s device exploits the inherently statistical nature of quantum mechanics to generate true random numbers. Furthermore, we are the only suppliers of device-independent self-certifying (DISCTM) QRNGs. Our unique DISCTM innovation (patent filed) assures the end-user of the reliability of the entropy output, even if the QRNG device itself is attacked.
The DISCTM protocol considers the imperfections of the source of randomness in the device (device independence). Its varying reliability is accounted for when assessing the amount of quantum randomness that can be extracted from the on-chip laser. The self-certification routine, continuously assesses the available randomness. This significantly simplifies the design requirements of the QRNG as it does not require cryogenics or single photon detection and facilitates a scalable solution that offers a unique combination of speed, security and versatility of integration.

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