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The Quantum Computing Tipping Point is Now.

By IQT News posted 26 Feb 2019

(Forbes) The tipping point is now for quantum computing.
New quantum hardware and cloud-platforms are becoming accessible now beyond the laboratory or high-cost infrastructure. –In late 1928, D-wave launched LEAP, their Real-Time Quantum Application Environment (QAE). LEAP is a cloud-based QAE providing real-time access to a live quantum computer.
–IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty delivered the keynote at CES 2019, where she announced IBM is offering an integrated quantum computing system for commercial use.
–Amazon recently announced in November 2018 the hiring of Simone Severini, professor of physics of information at University College London, as their AWS’ Director of Quantum Computing.
–Microsoft has gone further by launching a programming language Q# (pronounced Q sharp) that can work with Visual Studio and run on your laptop.
Quantum computers exist, and access to them via the cloud is affordable, university- and industry-developed education is increasing, and government funding was approved to further research and focus on needed workforce development. The quantum computing tipping point is now.

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