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Quantum Computing Inc. Listing on Nasdaq, Expand Qatalyst Visibility

By IQT News posted 15 Jul 2021

(ZDnet) Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) will list on the Nasdaq on Thursday in a graduation from the over-the-counter market.
The move will give QCI more visibility for its flagship Qatalyst platform, which aims to deliver quantum computing without complex programming and code and quantum experts.
QCI’s listing comes as the quantum computing space is heating up. IonQ will soon be public via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deal. In addition, Honeywell is merging with Cambridge Quantum. QCI is pre-revenue, but is availability on Amazon Web Services and its Braket quantum marketplace.

Key points about Qatalyst:
Analysts and programmers can submit and solve computational problems using quantum methods in less than a week.
Analysts and programmers can run the same programming across any quantum or classical machine.
The ability to run on quantum and classical macines delivers a diversity of results.
QCI can access a range of quantum computers from the likes of D-Wave, IonQ, Rigetti and IBM via AWS Braket and IBM Cloud, respectively.

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