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Quantum Computing Breakthrough to Control “Noise” Creates Opportunity for Scaled-Up Technology

By IQT News posted 14 Aug 2020

(InterestingEngineering) “Noise” is the biggest problem lying before the large-scale development of quantum computers may now be solved, according to a new paper in the journal Nature Physics suggesting a way to control noise and potentially opening the door to more advanced quantum computing systems. The new paper offers a way of confronting the noise problem, possibly bringing us closer to a way of controlling noise, and developing even better quantum computing systems. The results are the first implementation of provably rigorous and scalable diagnostic algorithms capable of being run on current quantum devices and beyond,” said the University of Sydney’s Robin Harper, who is the lead author of the newly-published paper.
The problem of noise is proportional to increased qubits — the larger the system, the more noise scientists notice, the more errors in quantum computing systems.
To eliminate noise, scientists have to study how it functions across a quantum system, and until now this was only possible with smaller devices. But new research from the paper in Nature Physics cites new algorithms capable of working on large-scale quantum computing devices.
This is where the researchers behind the paper discovered their algorithm was able to correctly diagnose the noise in the system, a first in the study of quantum computers.

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