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Quantum Computing Breakthrough from U Sydney Suggests Ways of Dealing with Noise in Systems

By IQT News posted 11 Aug 2020

(Independent.co.uk) Scientists need to be able to understand how noise functions across a quantum system. Until now, they have only bee able to do so using very small devices. But new research from Robin Harper at the University of Sydney includes new algorithms that are able to work in much larger-scale quantum computing devices.
It has already been successfully used on the IBM Quantum Experience, an online platform that allows researchers to make use of the companies’ quantum computing systems. The researchers found that the algorithm was able to successfully diagnose the noise in the system – finding issues that had not previously been detected.
“This protocol opens myriad opportunities for novel diagnostic tools and practical applications,” the researchers write in the new paper, pointing out that it could be used in a variety of ways to make quantum computers better at handling the noise they generate. The results are the first implementation of provably rigorous and scalable diagnostic algorithms capable of being run on current quantum devices and beyond.”

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