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Quantum Brilliance Creates Diamond-Based Quantum Accelerator that Can Run at Room Temperature

By IQT News posted 25 Mar 2021

(SiliconAngle) Quantum Brilliance has emerged from stealth mode with what may prove to be a rather brilliant innovation: the world’s first quantum accelerator that can run at room temperature.
The company has created a diamond-based quantum accelerator that it says does not have to be held in a near absolute zero state or use complex laser systems to preserve its integrity.
Quantum Brilliance says its diamond-based quantum accelerators are superior because there’s no need for them to be stored in such an extreme environment. Developed in collaboration with the Australian National University in Canberra, the technology relies on the properties of the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond, which helps protect against noise from thermal vibrations and magnetic impurities that can destabilize qubits. As a result, Quantum Brilliance claims on its website, its diamond-based quantum accelerators have the longest coherence time of any solid-state electron spin at room temperature.
The company said today that it will soon install its first diamond quantum accelerator at the Pawsey Supercomputing Center in Australia as a showcase of its hardware. The installation means Pawsey will become one of the first supercomputing centers in the world to host its own quantum computer onsite. Currently, most quantum computing services, offered by companies such as IBM, can be accessed only via the cloud.
Pawsey said it will establish a Quantum Pioneer Program to develop cutting-edge quantum applications in machine learning, logistics, defence, aerospace, quantum finance and quantum research.

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