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Quantum Brilliance and Quantum-South Partner to Implement Logistics Optimization Applications Using Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 19 Apr 2021

(Quantum-South) Quantum Brilliance and Quantum-South today announced a partnership to jointly develop and market of complementary products and technology in shipping logistics optimization.
The companies will be performing proof of concept implementations with air and marine cargo companies to demonstrate the potential ofquantum computing for solving highly complex computational problems beyond the scope of today’s classical computers. The two firms are also working with the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and the Quantum Supercomputing Innovation Hub to demonstrate quantum utility through co-development projects with Australian companies as part of the Quantum Pioneer Program.
Quantum Brilliance is a venture-backed Australian quantum computing startup from the Australian National University. Quantum Brilliance harnesses synthetic diamonds to build quantum accelerators in smaller, more mobile form factors that do not require near absolute zero temperature or complex laser systems to operate like mainframe quantum computers. Quantum Brilliance is one of only a few companies worldwide able to deliver market-ready quantum computing systems for customers to operate on-site.
Quantum-South is a University of Montevideo spin-off in Uruguay and is the first quantum start-up in Latin America, working with complex optimization problems for cargo in airlines and ships leveraging quantum computing software. Quantum-South’s goal is to achieve better results than conventional classical computer solutions available today and help companies improve revenues and reduce costs. Quantum-South also works in solving financial sector problems where the quantum utility provides better solutions.

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