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Quantum Alberta Network Includes Dozens of Scientists from Lethbridge, Calgary & Alberta

By IQT News posted 19 Feb 2021

(LethBridgeHerald) The Quantum Alberta Network is made up of dozens of scientists from Universities of Lethbridge, Calgary and Alberta.
“This type of research, which is Quantum science and technology, is one of the most important areas of research now from the point of view of fundamental science as well as technology,” he says. “Canada is a world leader, and Alberta is a leader in Canada.
“Quantum technology will be used in a host of devices in the future. If we have to categorize, quantum computers are probably the most important. Computers are reaching a stage where what is called Moore’s Law would get violated at some point, because you can’t make machines smaller than the size of atoms. These quantum computers are the computers of the future, and so is the Quantum internet.”
Recently, scientists from the University of Calgary who are members of the Quantum Alberta Network working as a team with international collaborators, made worldwide headlines by teleporting, (yes, “teleporting” is the correct term) data from one point instantly to another related point several kilometres away.
“It sounds mystical, like Star Trek and everything, but it is real science,” states Das.
While U of L scientists were not directly involved in the teleportation experiment, they are making other important contributions as part of the overall network.
Das says Lethbridge residents should be proud that right here at their own hometown university the approaching quantum future is being written as we speak.
“You are one of the first to open the door,” explains Das.

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