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Quantum + AI Conference Update: Pranav Gokhale, VP of Quantum Software at Infleqtion is a 2024 Speaker

Pranav Gokhale, VP of Quantum Software at Infleqtion is an IQT Quantum + AI conference speaker in 2024
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 09 Apr 2024

At the upcoming IQT Quantum + AI conference in October 2024, a prominent figure in the quantum computing industry, Pranav Gokhale, vice president of quantum software at Infleqtion, will be the focus of the spotlight. Gokhale’s journey through quantum computation has been marked by significant achievements and contributions, notably as the CEO and Co-founder of Super.tech, a pioneering quantum software company acquired by Infleqtion (formerly ColdQuanta) in May 2022.

Gokhale’s academic background is equally impressive, with a Ph.D. in quantum computation from the University of Chicago under the guidance of Fred Chong. His research, which aimed to bridge the gap between quantum hardware and software, has paved the way for accelerating the practical application of quantum technologies. This innovative work has resulted in numerous publications and patents and earned him prestigious fellowships such as the NDSEG and Eckhardt.

Before his foray into graduate studies, Gokhale laid his academic foundations at Princeton University, where he pursued computer science and physics. This provided him with a robust interdisciplinary approach to tackling complex quantum computing challenges. Beyond his professional endeavors at Infleqtion, Gokhale engages with the broader community, sharing insights and discussions on platforms like Quora and LinkedIn, showcasing his passion for quantum technologies and their societal impact.

As the IQT Quantum + AI conference convenes in New York City, attendees can anticipate Gokhale’s insights into the evolving landscape of quantum computing, particularly in integrating quantum software with artificial intelligence. His leadership at Infleqtion and pioneering work in quantum software development positions him as a key voice in the dialogue on how quantum advancements can supercharge AI capabilities, promising revolutionary changes across various sectors.

QUANTUM + AI conference-New York City-October 29-30, 2024

The inaugural IQT QUANTUM + AI conference promises to be a pioneering event, uniting Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) leaders to explore the synergistic potential of merging these two revolutionary technologies. This event aims to address the current challenges and vast opportunities at the intersection of quantum computing and AI, promising to enhance AI’s capabilities through quantum-powered algorithms, machine learning techniques, and data processing methods beyond the reach of classical computing. By enabling faster and more efficient processing of large, complex datasets, quantum computing is poised to supercharge AI applications across various sectors, including pharma, finance, and defense, heralding a new era of accelerated machine learning, improved predictions, and optimized processes. Despite the technical hurdles, such as the need for better error correction and fault tolerance in quantum computing and the development of quantum-optimized software for AI decision-making, the conference underscores the transformative impact of Quantum AI on advancing technological frontiers across numerous industries.

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