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Quantum + AI 2024 Update: QuEra Computing CCO Yuval Boger is a Speaker

Yuval Boger, CCO of QuEra Computing and host of the "Superconducting Qubit Guy" podcast, is a Quantum + AI conference speaker
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 12 May 2024

Yuval Boger is set to take the stage at the upcoming Quantum + AI conference in New York City this October, where he will share his extensive expertise as the Chief Commercial Officer of QuEra Computing. QuEra Computing is at the forefront of developing neutral-atom quantum computers, a cutting-edge area in the quantum technology landscape.

Boger brings a wealth of experience to the conference, having previously held leadership roles across various frontier tech companies, ranging from startups to NASDAQ-listed enterprises. His professional journey spans critical sectors, including quantum computing software, wireless power, enterprise software, and virtual reality, equipping him with a unique perspective on the commercialization and application of advanced technologies.

At QuEra Computing, Boger plays a pivotal role in driving commercial strategies that aim to maximize the impact of their neutral-atom quantum computing solutions. His talk at the conference is anticipated to cover the integration of quantum computing with artificial intelligence, focusing on how these technologies can be leveraged to solve complex problems currently beyond the reach of classical computing systems.

In addition to his role at QuEra, Yuval Boger is also known for his contributions to the broader tech community as the host of the Superposition Guy’s Podcast, where he discusses various aspects of quantum technology with fellow experts in the field. His educational background, with a M.Sc. in Physics from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from Northwestern University, provides him with a solid foundation in technology’s scientific and business dimensions.

Attendees of the Quantum + AI conference can look forward to gaining insights from Boger’s extensive experience, particularly in how quantum computing can intersect with and enhance AI capabilities, heralding a new era of technological innovation.

QUANTUM + AI conference-New York City-October 29-30, 2024

The inaugural IQT QUANTUM + AI conference promises to be a pioneering event, uniting Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) leaders to explore the synergistic potential of merging these revolutionary technologies. This event aims to address the current challenges and vast opportunities at the intersection of quantum computing and AI, promising to enhance AI’s capabilities through quantum-powered algorithms, machine learning techniques, and data processing methods beyond the reach of classical computing. By enabling faster and more efficient processing of large, complex datasets, quantum computing is poised to supercharge AI applications across various sectors, including pharma, finance, and defense, heralding a new era of accelerated machine learning, improved predictions, and optimized processes. Despite the technical hurdles, such as the need for better error correction and fault tolerance in quantum computing and the development of quantum-optimized software for AI decision-making, the conference underscores the transformative impact of Quantum AI on advancing technological frontiers across numerous industries.

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