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QCI Launches Qatalyst, the First Quantum Computing Application Accelerator

By IQT News posted 17 Feb 2021

(VentureBeat) Quantum Computing Inc. has announced the commercial availability of Qatalyst, a first-of-its-kind quantum application accelerator.
Qatalyst currently supports quantum systems from Rigetti, D-Wave Systems, and IonQ, with plans to support additional systems based on other quantum processor units (QPUs). It presents software developers with application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable them to build quantum applications at a higher level of abstraction than is possible with the low-level tools provided by the builders of each quantum computing system, QCI VP Steve Reinhardt said.
Those APIs are also surfaced in a way that is simpler for developers to incorporate into the workflows subject matter experts can consume, Reinhardt added. That approach will make quantum computing more accessible to end users working on complex mathematical problems, he added.
Qatalyst also makes it possible for developers to compare results across different quantum computing systems that will generally be invoked via a cloud service, Reinhardt added. Qatalyst also constantly optimizes usage of quantum computers to enable organizations to better control costs, he noted.

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