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QAN Releases e-Book ‘Quantum Computing & Blockchain: The Defenitive Guide’

By IQT News posted 23 Oct 2019

(PRNewswire) Quantum-resistant blockchain platform QAN has released an ebook highlighting the threat posed by quantum computing. The document gauges the security of current blockchains, and the likelihood of a quantum computing breakthrough breaking their cryptography.
The 39-page ebook provides a non-sensationalist assessment of the current capabilities of quantum computing. It reveals:
*What quantum hardness means
*Why quantum safety is needed
*The best post-quantum algorithms to protect crypto networks
*How to create a quantum-proof future
Johann Polecsak, CTO of QAN and co-author of the ebook, said: “Many IT professionals and CTOs are neglecting and even denying quantum computing threats with the flawed reasoning that it must surely be a long time ahead, when the reality is that this threshold is likely to be reached in the next five years.”
In “Quantum Computing and Blockchain: The Definitive Guide,” the authors explain why it’s not too late to address the threat posed by quantum computing, but why action needs to be taken now before a major breakthrough is made.

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