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Q-CTRL Calls for Professionally Engineered Quantum Control Software & Integrated Quantum Firmware Solutions

By IQT News posted 16 Mar 2020

(Q-CTRL) This blog post contends that the approach being taken by many academic teams who have resorted to writing their own specialized code or hacking existing software packages for quantum computing is cost-inefficient. That approach leads to inconsistent results between teams, fails to deliver on the most up-to-date knowledge from research community, and has substantial negative consequences as students and staff inevitably move on from current roles. Professionally engineered quantum control software, and integrated quantum firmware solutions, will become as important and ubiquitous in the emerging quantum computing industry as dedicated security software is to modern cloud computing. Trusting specialist, expert teams to deliver provides the best value in the short term and long run.
Entrusting the development of quantum firmware to specialist partners is in no way a statement of scientific capability – it’s entirely pragmatic. Moving past the do-it-yourself ethos that is so common in experimental physics is a necessity as we try to scale the quantum computing industry.
The benefits (beyond functionality) are clear: Usability, Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity, and Up-to-the-Minute Performance.
Users with limited expertise in the research discipline of quantum control must be able to use new tools to apply and integrate quantum control techniques into their quantum computing research. As we all know, focusing on usability and architecture is rarely a concern for internally developed “grad-student’’ code.
Being a specialist professional software engineering company, Q-CTRL prioritizes user experience and accessibility. We build in advanced features in a user-friendly workflow and constantly iterate to improve the performance and usability of our products. The software industry has mastered efficient practices for the integration of new capabilities and third-party resources into products. Q-CTRL now offers mission-critical quantum firmware as modern, efficient, professionally engineered software.

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