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PureVPN uses Quantinuum platform as it advances quantum-resistant encryption roadmap

By Dan O'Shea posted 27 Apr 2022

Virtual Private Network service provider PureVPN is using Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin platform to deploy Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys on its OpenVPN protocol as it moves to support more quantum-resistant features for its 3 million users.

The feature will be initially rolled out along with split tunneling and obfuscation features in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps, according to PureVPN.

Quantum Origin allows users of the platform to create keys that are generated using a verifiable quantum process, which are more secure than keys from unverified, classical processes. These kinds of keys increasingly will be needed as quantum computers begin to achieve quantum advantage and are used more often for attacks, or to break encryption on data previously stolen that was encrypted using current methods, like RSA, the Elliptic Curve algorithm and others. 

A study by Dimensional Research has revealed that two-thirds of cybersecurity leaders and experts believe that current encryption protocols stand no chance against hackers using a quantum computer. The same study on the subject showed that 89% of 600 cybersecurity experts across the world predict that current encryption will be compromised by 2026. Yet, more than 50% of organizations are not even aware of quantum security threats. 

“To put it into perspective, mathematical problems that would currently take a traditional supercomputer until the end of time, will be solved by a quantum computer in a matter of hours,” said Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder & CEO, PureVPN. “That’s how powerful the technology will be. Quantum computers will outperform even the most powerful supercomputer that exists in this day and age, meaning all current encryption protocols will be broken in time.”

But using keys created using platforms like Quantum Origin will future-proof PureVPN users against threats even as quantum computers gain more momentum. In addition to adopting new encryption keys, PureVPN is progressing a transitional plan to the quantum-resistant algorithms that are soon expected to be approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the company said.

Despite the growing concern about current encryption being compromised, more than 50% of organizations are not even aware of quantum security threats. Duncan Jones, Head of Cybersecurity at Quantinuum, said, “Encryption keys are a fundamental part of securing sensitive data. Using encryption keys generated from a verifiable quantum source enhances security above what is available today, and takes risks off the table at a time where the cyber threat has never been higher.”

Dan has covered telecommunications and related topics including semiconductors, sensors, retail systems, digital payments and quantum computing/technology for over 25 years.

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