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Profile: Professor Sinatra at Sorbonne and Her Work to Develop Quantum-Enabled Sensors

By IQT News posted 24 Jul 2020

(SiliconRepublic) Professor Alice Sinatra of the Sorbonne University is working with an EU project looking to develop advanced quantum-enabled sensors.
She also collaborates with the MacQsimal project to design, develop, miniaturise and integrate advanced quantum-enabled sensors.
These could be used to measure physical observables in five key areas: magnetic fields, time, rotation, electromagnetic radiation and gas concentration. This project is part of the wider €1bn EU initiative, Quantum Flagship, to kick-start a competitive European industry in quantum technologies.
Dr. Sinatra hopes to contribute to a better understanding of all subtleties of quantum theory, and in the longer term that a ‘quantum improvement’ will be actually implemented in atomic sensors at the technological level.
In terms of commercial applications for her research, she predicts, “Precise magnetometers – instruments that sense a magnetic field – and atomic gyroscopes based on the technique of ‘nuclear magnetic resonance’.”

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