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‘Princeton Quantum Initiative’ Will Increase University’s Competitiveness for Funding

By IQT News posted 09 Oct 2019

(DailyPrinceton) Princeton University announced on Sept. 25 the formation of the Princeton Quantum Initiative (PQI) as an effort to advance research, development, and education in both fundamental science and technological applications in fields such as quantum computation and quantum information systems. The initiative aims to bring together over 30 faculty members from the Departments of Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Physics.
University Dean for Research Pablo G. Debenedetti spoke about the expected impact of PQI. “I think this signals Princeton’s commitment to this area,” Debenedetti said. “Therefore we expect that when we apply for funding from the federal government, for example, an initiative from the Department of Energy, this physical manifestation of Princeton’s support will make us even more competitive than we already are.”

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