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PQShield and Kudelski Security Partner to Address Quantum Threat

By IQT News posted 30 Sep 2021

(PRNewswire) PQShield, the cybersecurity company specialising in post-quantum cryptography, today announces a reciprocal agreement with Kudelski Security, the cybersecurity division within the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) to work together to address data protection as we near the era of quantum computing.
Within the agreement, PQShield will offer expert training and advisory services to Kudelski’s clients, alongside post-quantum cryptography solutions for both software and hardware, to make preparations to address quantum threats. In addition to advisory services, there will be a collaborative referral and co-marketing relationship to support Kudelski Security’s go-to-market strategy.
Kudelski Security launched its quantum security practice in December 2020 in recognition of the threat quantum technology raises in the future. Working with PQShield will bolster the practice by expanding availability of expert advisory and applied security resources, as well as providing clients the potential to utilise PQShield’s quantum-ready cryptographic solutions for both software and hardware.
Headquartered in Oxford, with additional teams in the Netherlands and France, PQShield is helping businesses prepare for the quantum threat by pioneering the development and commercial deployment of quantum-ready cryptographic solutions for hardware, software and communications. With one of the UK’s highest concentrations of cryptography PhDs outside academia and the classified sector, the PQShield team is also a leading contributor to NIST’s post-quantum cryptography standardisation project, now in its concluding stages, having contributed two of the seven finalist algorithms.
Several leading device manufacturers have already chosen PQShield’s PQC IP for integration into hardware security solutions that will be compliant with upcoming US NIST/FIPS post-quantum cryptography standards, as well as localised standards from the likes of BSI in Germany.

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