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Potential Significant Applications of Quantum Computing in Robotics

By IQT News posted 16 Jan 2020

(AnalyticsInsights) Quantum computers will have a positive impact on many scientific disciplines and their applications in the future. In several fields, useful applications are already being explored, including scientific computing, cryptography, chemistry, drug development, and finance. However, across the robotics field, the following are the significant applications of quantum computing.

Sense: Perception, Vision, and Sensor Data Processing:
The modern autonomous robots need fast vision capabilities in order to perceive and assess their environment.

Think: Traditional Artificial Intelligence in Robotics:
Traditional AI, in contrast to modern machine learning approaches, is based on formal knowledge representations (e.g., by rules and facts) and algorithms in order to optimize the robot behavior or mimic intelligent (human) behavior. Whether it is complex search, basic search or graph search, quantum computing works as the alternative for AI in almost every aspect.

Act: Kinematics and Dynamics:
The two levels of control in robotics, i.e. abstract task-planning and specific movement-planning, that are currently often solved separately, due to their combined complexity, can be solved in a more integrative way through quantum computing.

Observe: Diagnosis and Data Mining:
Data mining and analysis involve methods from machine learning, statistics, and database systems (like index searches), which are optimally suited to be tackled with quantum algorithmic approaches.

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