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Password Security Expert Warns that Google’s Quantum Supremacy Raises Serious Questions for Enterprises

By IQT News posted 20 Nov 2019

(TechRadar) The CTO and co-founder of Secret Double Octopus, Shimrit Tzur-David, is interviewed here to discuss the security implications of Google’s quantum supremacy announcement. He explained that Google’s announcement is tremendous, “From an enterprise security point of view, it raises very serious questions.”
The discussion reminds reader that quantum computing probably won’t break out the labs of tech giants before ten years, . “. .. but that’s a frightfully short time considering its security implications.”
Today’s data is encrypted by older asymmetric keys, which are shorter (256 bits, 1024 bits, etc) than today’s standard 2048-bit encryption keys that will will be easily revealed in a few years.

Invest in Alternative Security Solutions in Transition to Quantum-Safe Future
Tzur-David recommends, “Until public key encryptions are made to be quantum-safe, we should invest in finding alternative solutions as we transition to a new age. The common approach to improving encryption strength has been to increase the length of keys, but this is insufficient. A disruptive non-linear approach is required. We need to be preparing for a future of hacking that does not rely on limited computing power.”
Interestingly, Tzur-David warns that passwords are the biggest cybersecurity concern today in terms of user privacy and companies protecting data. Related: Secret Double Octopus is pioneering high-assurance authentication to enable the password-free workplace. Its authentication solutions are built on provably unbreakable cryptography that is highly resistant to common attacks such as phishing, MITM and cracking.

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