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OQC becomes first European quantum company on Amazon Braket

By IQT News posted 01 Mar 2022

(OQC) Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) announced that it has debuted its latest system, Lucy, an 8-QPU quantum computer, on Amazon Braket.
With a new quantum processor from OQC, AWS is expanding Amazon Braket to support a new quantum hardware for the first time since Braket’s general availability in August 2020, expanding the service to the AWS Europe (London) Region, a significant milestone in providing customers access to a Europe-based quantum processor.
“Bringing OQC’s quantum computers to Amazon Braket is a natural step in bringing quantum to our customers’ fingertips and expanding our leadership in Europe. Our relationship with AWS is making it easier for businesses and researchers in Europe to access the power of quantum computing”, said Dr Ilana Wisby, Chief Executive Officer of OQC.
Following OQC’s convention to name its quantum computers after ground-breaking women in STEM, Lucy is named after Lucy Mensing, a German physicist and pioneer of quantum mechanics. Lucy joins Sophia, OQC’s system released in July to launch the company’s private Quantum Computing as-a-Service, another first in Europe.
Located in the UK, Lucy will provide Europe-friendly up-time and low-latency to customers in the region, offering higher serviceability with operations and support when they need it.

“Since launching Amazon Braket, our goal has been to offer customers access to different types of quantum hardware,” said Simone Severini, Director, Quantum Computing at AWS. “Starting today, customers can access OQC’s Lucy system on Amazon Braket, and, to support the launch, we are expanding the availability of Braket to the AWS London Region. This provides customers access to quantum hardware based in Europe for the first time, generating further momentum in the European landscape of organizations that are experimenting with quantum computing.”

The system’s location in Europe also provides advantages for data on- and near-shoring, a key concern for governmental agencies across Europe as well as large corporations with data residency and sovereignty requirements. These organisations now have access to a Europe-based quantum processor from OQC and through Amazon Braket.

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