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NXM Labs Announces NXM Quake to Strengthen Existing Security and IT Practices to Keep Devices, Software, Communications and Data Safe from Future Quantum Attacks

By IQT News posted 25 Apr 2019

(NXMLabs) NXM Labs, Inc., has announced NXM QUAKE (Quantum Augmented Key Encapsulation), a ground-breaking security solution that protects existing computers and connected devices against the threat of future quantum attacks.
NXM QUAKE enables private, public and national security organizations to act now to safeguard critical computers, devices and data assets against current and evolving security threats by means of a simple software upgrade.
NXM QUAKE was developed through an industry-academic partnership between Ryerson University Cybersecurity Research Lab and NXM. The patent-pending technology is currently being tested on NXM’s autonomous IoT security platform. The first commercial implementation will be in connected and autonomous vehicles this year.

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