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Nu Quantum to Close Pre-Seed Round for Commercially-Viable Photonic Quantum Tech

By IQT News posted 14 Aug 2019

(BusinessWeekly) Nu Quantum was founded in 2018 to develop real-world technology based on research generated over the last decade at Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.Nu Quantum has created a portfolio of patented and ground-breaking single-photon components fundamental to the realization of commercially-viable photonic quantum technologies.
NU Quantum is about to close a pre-seed round which will take the business through the R & D development phase; the legals should be complete around the end of August.
Nu Quantum will then consider raising a further £2 million scale-up capital in a year or so.
NU Quantum is combining novel materials and semiconductor technology.Its proposition encompasses:
Source technology – Nanoengineered materials for the generation of light at the quantum level.
Detector technology – Nanoengineered materials for the ultra-sensitive detection of light.
Encryption key generation – Fundamental algorithms and protocols for the high-rate generation of secure keys.
Satellite links – End-to-end free-space quantum encryption links, enabling the secure exchange of cryptographic keys worldwide.
CEO of the business is Dr Carmen Palacios-Berraquero, co-inventor of Nu Quantum technology, national award-winning physicist and leader of pro-equality action in science and beyond. Fellow founder and CTO Dr Matthew Applegate is a computer scientist, mathematician, and industry expert turned quantum physicist.

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