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NTU Singapore launches Quantum Science and Engineering Centre to develop quantum-based chip technologies

By IQT News posted 22 Dec 2021

(EurekaAlert) Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has launched the Quantum Science and Engineering Centre (QSec), which aims to develop devices and technologies powered by quantum science – the study of how particles behave at the atomic level.
The centre, the first of its kind in Singapore, will conduct research on developing and producing quantum chips using semiconductor fabrication technologies. These chips form the backbone of quantum devices such as quantum chip processors, networks, and sensors. They hold important applications in many areas such as quantum computing, communication, cryptography, cybersecurity, and sensor technology.
The Centre aims to train skilled manpower for quantum engineering, the application of quantum science to real-world scenarios, and to promote and develop Singapore’s quantum industry. It will collaborate with the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT), a Research Centre of Excellence established since 2007, on quantum technology research and engineering application, and look to establishing an international platform to collaborate with other overseas partners.
Education Minister Mr Chan Chun Sing said: “Quantum science, technologies, and engineering have drawn huge investments worldwide. Singapore is a long-standing investor in its potential and remains at the forefront of this field. In 2018, the National Research Foundation started a quantum engineering programme with the goal of establishing a competitive quantum engineering research community and industry ecosystem to translate the technology into real-world applications. We look forward to the Quantum Science and Engineering Centre’s (QSec) contributions to Singapore’s efforts in advancing quantum technologies, especially in the development of quantum computing chips and quantum communications.”

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