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NSA Leader Promotes Industry Collaboration on Cyber Issues Including Quantum Resistant Cryptography

By IQT News posted 08 Oct 2021

(SatelliteToday) The National Security Agency (NSA) is seeking collaboration with the private sector on cybersecurity issues, David Luber, deputy of the Cybersecurity Directorate, said Wednesday at CyberSatGov in Reston, Virginia.
Luber highlighted the agency’s Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, an engagement hub with the private sector. The center is an unclassified location where the NSA can have conversations with companies that are part of the defense industrial base that are supporting national security systems. He described it as an opportunity for a bilateral exchange of information concerning threats and vulnerabilities.
Luber also addressed the issue of quantum resistant cryptography — how to prepare for the development of large-scale quantum computers that would be able to break the public-key cryptosystem. He said this is important to the NSA, but did not share timeline details.
“We’re working on high assurance, cryptographic systems. We also want to ensure that in partnership with [National Institute of Science and Technology] NIST, there are also commercial algorithms available that are also wanted. It’s a journey that we’re working together, through the U.S. Department of Defense, and also with other parts of government, to ensure our nation has very strong cryptography, in the event that the scary reaches quantum computing capabilities.”

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