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No ‘Generational Gap’ Between China and Other Countries in Development of Quantum Chips Says Researcher at Chinese Academy of Sciences

By IQT News posted 25 Jun 2021

(GlobalTimes) “There is no ‘generational gap’ between China and the US or other developed countries in the development of the most advanced quantum chips,” said Xue Qikun, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences during this recent interview with the Global Times.
“This is because no country in the world has really developed a practical universal quantum computer and everyone is testing it. As Chinese scientists are not limited in the research area, there is not a big gap between China and foreign countries in basic research and application technology to explore quantum computers,” Xue explained.
“To complete a universal quantum computer that can process all kinds of data, there are still many scientific and technological breakthroughs to be made, which are also problems that scientists and technicians all over the world have not yet solved,” Xue added.
Xue noted that Chinese enterprises have not invested enough in quantum computing compared with foreign giants, such as Google. The industry will be more efficient if enterprises join in. China, as a big economy, should have both the upstream and downstream of the [quantum] industrial chain.

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