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NIST Team First to Teleport a Complete Quantum Logic Operation

By IQT News posted 31 May 2019

(CosmosMagazine) Physicists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have shown how quantum computer programs could carry out tasks in future large-scale quantum networks. Quantum teleportation transfers data from one quantum system to another, even if the two are completely isolated from each other.
NIST’s Yong Wan and colleagues say they are the first to teleport a complete quantum logic operation – a computer circuit instruction – using just ions. The operation involved teleporting a quantum controlled-NOT (CNOT, in which NOT is not an acronym) logic operation, or logic gate, between two beryllium ion qubits located more than 340 millionths of a metre apart in separate zones of an ion trap.
Wan says, “Quantum gate teleportation (QGT) is a uniquely quantum solution that enables logical gates between spatially separated qubits, where shared entanglement eliminates the need for a direct quantum coherent interaction.”

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