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New Protocols for Quantum Sensors Could Allow Safe Use of Nanoscale NMR in Study of Biomolecules

By IQT News posted 23 Jan 2019

(Phys.org) A study by the Quantum Technologies for Information Science (QUTIS) group of the University of the Basque Country’s Department of Physical Chemistry, has produced a series of protocols for quantum sensors that could allow images to be obtained by means of the nuclear magnetic resonance of single biomolecules using a minimal amount of radiation.
Authors of the sutdy Dr. Jorge Casanova and Ikerbasque Professor Enrique Solano explained, “The protocol is robust and requires less energy than previous techniques. This not only extends the operation regime of the sensor to stronger magnetic fields, but also prevents the heating of biological samples that would result when using conventional protocols and microwave powers. As a consequence, this work opens a new research line and paves the way for the safe use of nanoscale NMR in the study of biological samples and large biomolecules.”

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