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New Duke Quantum Center Opening March 2021 Will Host Error-Corrected Universial Reconfigurable Ion-Trap Quantum Archetype

By IQT News posted 26 Jan 2021

(DukeChronicle) Duke University’s new Duke Quantum Center (DQC) will host Duke’s Scalable Quantum Computing Laboratory (SQLab) itself home to the Error-corrected Universal Reconfigurable Ion-trap Quantum Archetype (EURIQA).
The center is anticipated to reach an operational state in March 2021 as one of five new quantum research centers funded by a $115 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.
The ultimate goal of the project is to present a prototype of quantum systems equipped for advances in areas including computing, physics and chemistry.
Duke’s team includes a variety of experts. Its roots can be traced back to Jungsang Kim, a professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering, and his proposition of an optical approach to ion trapping, which is “holding a charged atom in place with electromagnetic fields and manipulating them with laser light.”
This led to Duke launching its first quantum information lab.
Other founding members of the team include Iman Marvian, a quantum information theorist and assistant professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering; and Kenneth Brown, a professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering.
The team will further expand this year with the addition of physicist Marko Cetina; quantum experimentalist Crystal Noel; and Chris Monroe, architect of the U.S. National Quantum Initiative.

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