By IQT News posted 16 Oct 2020

(CrowdFundInsider) The NExt ApplicationS of Quantum Computing (NEASQC) initiative aims to bring together a multidisciplinary consortium of academic and tech industry professionals focused on quantum computing, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI), energy management, and various other sectors. NEASQC objectives also include creating financial use cases with “a practical quantum advantage for NISQ machines.” The organization aims to create open-source NISQ programming libraries for various industrial use cases as well.
As reported recently, the team at Quantum Resistant Ledger, which claims to be the “first-of-its-kind,” post-quantum value store and “decentralized” communication layer that’s proactively tackling the threat from quantum computers, has performed several proof of stake updates. They say that “massive advances” were recently made in quantum computing.
As covered in September 2020, a quantum computer developed by Chinese physicists nay achieve quantum supremacy one million times greater than Sycamore from Google.
As reported in August 2020, major South Korean Daegu Bank and SK Telecom, the nation’s largest wireless carrier, are working on 5G enabled quantum cryptography technology. Also in August, Spanish financial giant BBVA confirmed that it continues to work on quantum computing data projects.
In July 2020, the BBVA had shared the results of its quantum computing tech proof of concepts for improving currency aribtrage and porfolio management,

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