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What National Budget Is Sufficient to be Competitive In Quantum Technology?

By IQT News posted 08 Feb 2019

(i-HLS.com) Israel sees computing computing as the next big thing after the cyber revolution, and the Israeli quantum program was announced by PM Netanyahu during the May 2018 international conference of science ministers. The author of this article asks if Israel is allocating enough resources to enable Israel to make the quantum leap as it did regarding the cyber field in the past.
Examples of other national funding totals are presented:
US President Trump signed on the national quantum initiative in December 2018, based on a $1.25 billion for quantum computers activities until 2023.
China is developing a huge research lab for quantum technology based on a $10 billion investment.
The European Union will invest in quantum computing 1.3 billion Euro (about $1.5 billion).
In Israel, the Ministry of Defense and the Israel Science Foundation have recently allocated a five-year fund of NIS 100 million ($27 million) for research and the development of quantum computing, communication, simulation, sensors such as atomic clocks, magnetic field measuring, etc.

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