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Multiverse Computing submits 22 patent applications in 2021, accelerating practical uses of quantum technology  

By Sandra Helsel posted 30 Mar 2022
(HPCWire)  Inside Quantum Technology shares here that Multiverse Computing submitted for 22 patents in 2021.
Details are below:
Multiverse Computing, a leader in quantum computing solutions for the financial industry and beyond, has announced it submitted 22 patents from its research efforts in 2021, demonstrating its intention to continuously innovate in quantum technology as well as protect the company’s intellectual property for future growth
Eleven of the patents were filed in the United States with the remainder filed in Europe. Ranging from hybrid algorithms to hardware-specific optimization methods and more, the patent-pending technologies are designed to make practical business use of quantum computing, the company said.
“Multiverse has submitted more quantum technology patents in the past year than some nations exploring the field,” said Román Orús, Ph.D., co-founder of the company and Chief Scientific Officer. “This concerted patenting effort is a sign of the strong technical competence of the Multiverse team, as well as our drive to identify additional business applications for quantum technology.”

One patent submission includes an innovative technique to control a quantum computer using a conventional spreadsheet, a key feature of Multiverse’s flagship Singularity software for finance professionals. Current user-interfaces for quantum computers are complex and often rely on a specific hardware platform, such as trapped-ions or superconducting circuits. Multiverse’s method provides easier and more universal control, enabling any user to access the calculating power of quantum computers on a variety of platforms.
Another new approach patented by Multiverse is intended to connect different small processors using satellite links to connect quantum computers around the world, thus combining the qubits in each one to act as a single, larger capacity quantum computer. This ambitious idea was developed in partnership with the Spanish satellite provider Hispasat.
An additional patent examines quantum-inspired hybrid techniques to enable more efficient classical algorithms.  One of these methods consists of improving the performance of some quantum-inspired methods on small common electronic circuits called FPGAs, increasing their computational capabilities by several orders of magnitude. This patent highlights the immense commercial potential of quantum computing and related technologies.“I am very proud of our team’s technology leadership in the field demonstrated by our volume of patents,” said Enrique Lizaso, CEO of Multiverse Computing. “These patents are more than a way to protect our inventions — they also encourage collaborations and enable further innovation in the field. We anticipate filing an even greater number of patents in the coming years.”

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