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Multiverse celebrated International Women’s Day & doubling down on recruitment of women

By IQT News posted 09 Mar 2022

(MultiverseComputingNews) Multiverse Computing was proud to make public its commitment to gender diversity in its hiring practises on International Women’s Day, March 8 . As efforts to recruit top talent in quantum algorithm development intensify, the company is doubling down on the recruitment of women as its growth continues to accelerate.
Recent hires have raised the proportion of women within Multiverse’s workforce to nearly a third, with the majority working in STEM roles (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). That ratio has been steadily increasing and will rise further over the coming months as recruitment continues, the company says. Comparatively, a 2020 study from Interference Advisors has shown that the industry average for female representation in quantum startups has typically been about 10 percent.
With this in mind, Multiverse Computing has taken the important step of creating a Gender Equality Committee, uncommon among technology startups. The committee is tasked with designing a plan to prioritize the recruitment of women and ensuring gender equality in the treatment of staff to assure the company is a highly attractive employer to all.
“The committee will be responsible for guiding the continuity of our welcoming work environment. This includes activities like yoga and outdoor sports, as well as employee support programs such as mental health workshops,” said Enrique Lizaso Olmos, CEO at Multiverse Computing. “We are also giving our female employees additional visibility through corporate videos and media, as well as speaking opportunities at international conferences.” Industry data has shown that about 60 percent of women believe they do not have equal career opportunities compared to men in the quantum field. Multiverse Computing believes it is crucial to combat this by creating a culture where women are valued and empowered, and feel supported to take risks and lead innovation. This open and collaborative spirit is one of the company’s core beliefs and has helped Multiverse along every step of its journey thus far, according to Olmos. One exceptional young woman who joined the Multiverse team last year is Quantum Software Developer Cristina Sanz. She was recently honored with the “Builder of the Year Award” for 2021 at the Women in Quantum Awards presented at the Q2B conference in Santa Clara, Calif.
“I’m glad to be recognized for my work of course, but the most important part of these awards is to increase the visibility of women in quantum,” said Sanz. “This is how we will encourage more girls to study STEM subjects, and eventually work in quantum. If they see that women like me can achieve these things, it will give more young women the confidence they need to follow this path toward a career in quantum too.”
As Multiverse continues its international expansion, increased diversity in its workforce is not only the company’s chosen path, but it is also inevitable for business reasons and in the name of equality. Furthermore, a McKinsey report has stated that diverse and inclusive companies are 35 percent more likely to outperform their competitors. Meanwhile, the Harvard Business Review writes that diverse companies are 70 percent more likely to capture new markets.

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