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Miniaturized Quantum Hardware Spinout Aquark Technologies Receives Investment to Launch

By IQT News posted 28 Jul 2021

(BDaily.co.uk) Aquark has received investment from angel investors in the Future Worlds network, including Southampton alumnus James Vernon: “Aquark’s unique approach leverages novel research from the University of Southampton with the potential to unlock world-changing opportunities in the quantum market. As investors we are delighted to work with the team on what promises to be a very exciting journey ahead.”
Aquark Technologies, launched by former PhD students at the University, Dr Andrei Dragomir and Dr Alexander Jantzen, has created a miniaturised cold atom system following years of research.
Unlike modern electronics, which rely on the manipulation of electrons, quantum devices tap into and manipulate the wave-like properties of atoms and tiny changes in their energy levels. These devices use a cold atom chamber in which to manipulate the individual atoms. Aquark Technologies’ key innovation, the Aquark Cube, miniaturises the cold atom chamber by a factor of 100 to make this incredible, complex technology into a simple, portable plug-and-play system.
Andrei says: “It’s been great to be part of the Founders Cohort and we are thrilled that our hard work has paid off and we have secured investment. Aquark has been working with Future Worlds from day one and we would not be in the current position without their support. Closing this investment round is a huge milestone for us as we complete the spinout process from the University and our vision for Aquark Technologies becomes a reality.”
“Our aim is to be the main supplier of cold atom systems and hardware components for quantum technology sensors and computing in the UK and the world.”

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