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Microsoft’s Senior Director of QC Discusses Plan to Develop a Complete Quantum System

By IQT News posted 13 Nov 2019

(TechTarget) Microsoft announced it is developing a chip capable of running Microsoft quantum software and plans to develop a complete quantum system at its recent Ignite conference. The company also unveiled its Azure Quantum Service, now in private preview. Microsoft open sourced its Quantum Development Kit (QDK) and Q# compilers and simulators for developers this past summer.
Julie Love, Ph.D., senior director of Quantum Computing at Microsoft, is interviewed in this article. She commented on Microsoft’s continued momentum and investments in quantum computing since the early 2000s. It was two years ago at Ignite where we announced delivery of Q#, a language meant to be very accessible for programmers.

Microsoft on “Brink of Something”
For Microsoft to realize the potential of quantum computing, we needed to bring together the global community of companies building the hardware, their programmers and subject matter experts. I run the early quantum access program where we bring partners and enterprise customers in to meet with our quantum algorithm developers and we’ve seen momentum built there.
The interviewer asked when Microsoft expects to deliver a quantum system. Dr. Love responded, “We feel we are on the brink of something. We will be bringing our hardware to Azure Quantum, which can sit right alongside the systems of our partners.”

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