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Microsoft Using ‘Community Approach’ to Growing Quantum Computing Education and Solutions

By IQT News posted 17 Jul 2019

(BusinessInsider) The US has a limited talent pool of quantum computing experts. But, as Silicon Valley gears up for what it expects to be a huge revolution in supercomputing, Microsoft has big plans to start training people in quantum-related skills now.
Krysta Svore, general manager of quantum software at Microsoft, says that there are ways to get people up to speed now. “We’ve seen Microsoft really opening up for more of a community approach to problems and solutions,” Svore said. “With that, we decided that we also want to see a broader community engaging around quantum computing.”
Microsoft partnered with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington to form a coalition called the Northwest Quantum Nexus, which aims to promote the development of quantum computing in the Pacific Northwest region.
“We need to continue to think about how we’re going to educate people in our country where they can do important technological advances here,” Svore said. “Without people entering those fields and not knowing how to program period, we’re not going to be competitive.”

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