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Microsoft Building Collaborative Ecosystem with Open-Sourcing & Microsoft Quantum Network

By IQT News posted 13 May 2019

(MSPowerUser) Quantum Computing is still in its very early stage of development and further advancement of it it needs collaboration among the global community. Microsoft recently announced that it will soon open source its Q# compiler and the quantum simulators that are part of the Quantum Development Kit. This will make algorithm development easier and more transparent for developers.
Microsoft explains the move, “Open sourcing elements of the Quantum Development Kit in GitHub will provide the Microsoft Quantum Network affiliates and startup organizations with more opportunities to leverage Q# and enhance their quantum solutions. It also will give academic institutions that require OSS the ability to leverage Q# for their quantum development.”
Additionally, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Quantum Network in March. The Network is global community of individuals and organizations working together to advance quantum computing.

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