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Microsoft Aims to Make Quantum Computing More Accessible with Open-Sourcing its Quantum Development Kit

By IQT News posted 08 May 2019

(VentureBeat) Last year, Microsoft open-sourced several features of the Quantum Development Kit, including the libraries and samples, and this year it plans to finish the job by open-sourcing the Quantum Development that has everything a developer needs to build their own quantum computing programs and experiments.
Microsoft hopes open-sourcing the Quantum Development will grow the community of Q# developers by making quantum computing and algorithm development easier and more transparent. More specifically, Microsoft expects the move will provide Microsoft Quantum Network affiliates and startup organizations with more opportunities to leverage Q#. The company also predicts it will give academic institutions that have open source software requirements the ability to deploy Q# for their quantum learning and development.
“We are driven to make quantum computing more accessible so that developers can help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges,” the Microsoft Quantum team said in a statement. “The power to achieve that vision comes when every developer can collaborate, share code, and build upon each other’s work. By open-sourcing all the assets in the Quantum Development Kit, we are helping developers contribute to an emerging community of quantum computing programmers.”

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