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Menten AI Adds Quantum Computing to Develop New Drugs

By Bharath Selvaraj posted 01 Jul 2020

(WSJ.Pro.VentureCapital Startup Menten AI, backed by Y Combinator among others, aims to develop biologics, or drugs made from organic rather than synthetic materialThe use of artificial intelligence in the race to develop new drugs has been leveraged by startups and drawn the interest of investors in recent years.
According to the About section of Menten AI website: “At Menten AI, we’re on a mission to create the next generation of protein-based drugs using machine learning and quantum computing. We’re an early-stage drug discovery company developing technology to leapfrog current computational methods and make it possible to design completely new protein therapeutics from scratch – unlocking an uncharted territory for drug discovery. We created the first protein design algorithm for current and near-term quantum computers and created the world’s first protein designed on a quantum computer. We are backed by investment from some of the world’s leading venture capitalists.”

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